torstai, 07. toukokuu 2020, Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, ICMA Spring Conference 2020

alkaen 07. toukokuu 2020 - 9:00
asti 08. toukokuu 2020 - 23:00

Radisson Blu Royal Hotel

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ICMA members and delegates benefit from the sharing of invaluable information with our worldwide community of classified media professionals. The conference environment provides a sense of camaraderie, openness and sincerity, even among businesses that compete with each other, setting us apart from any other association.
The ICMA Spring Conference 2020 will deliver two days of dedicated plenary sessions, panels and debates. There will also be dedicated workshops and single-disciplinary meetings for business leaders, operation-level, and sales managers, along with the best networking and local cultural entertainment available.

For any kind of inqueries please contact us at

ICMA Spring Conference 2020, Radisson Blu Royal Hotel tapahtuma

Youth C/D **-Boulder
sunnuntai 16. elokuu 2020
Assistant Instructor kurssi
perjantai 29. toukokuu 2020
Assistant Instructor kurssi.
perjantai 10. heinäkuu 2020
Assistant Instructor Trainer kurssi
perjantai 10. heinäkuu 2020
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