torstai, 21. marraskuu 2019, Dottir office, The Nordic Blockchain & DeFi Evening

alkaen 21. marraskuu 2019 - 18:00 asti 22:00

Dottir office

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It’s that dark and cold, but exciting time of the year, SLUSH week is here, and with that comes the official Slush Crypto & Blockchain event!
On behalf of the local Finnish blockchain community and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, Konsensus - The Finnish Cryptocurrency Association is organizing a Slush After Party like no other, together with the Finnish blockchain industry pioneer and the main sponsor of the evening, Aave. The event is also co-sponsored by Maker and Axie Infinity.
Join us for a Blockchain Dapps & DeFi (Decentralized Finance) themed evening filled with knowledge, great people and lots of fun. We will be serving snacks and beverages for all our guests.
Our official Slush side-event is hosted by Dottir, a tech-law firm based in Helsinki, with offices also in Berlin and San Francisco. You will find their elegant office spaces situated at the heart of Helsinki centers Esplanadi (Pohjoisesplanadi 35 A).
We will start with a panel discussion on Blockchain & DeFi, followed by a short presentation about the blockchain game Axie Infinity.
Afterwards, you will get a chance to try out different dapps (decentralized applications) with the hosting projects! Find the teams in a separate room and get involved on a whole next level - become a dapp user.
Agenda for the event:
18.00 - Doors open for guests (registration in advance)18.30 - Panel Discussion: “Blockchain & Current Trends: DeFi”19.15 - Axie Infinity Presentation: dApps & NFTs19.20 - Drinks and Food19.30 - DeFi After Party starts19.30 - Maker, Axie Infinity, and Aave dApp demos22.00ish - After-After-Party


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Aave is an emerging technology company focused on empowering people through innovation.
Aave has an extensive list of products that range from ambient accounts, lending software, custody and payments services to blockchain-based games and developer tools. The team behind this technology-based venture is a multicultural group of creatives who hold transparency, security, and trust at their core.
Homepage: : : :
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MakerDAO is a decentralized organization dedicated to bringing financial stability and transparency to the world economy. Its purpose is to create an inclusive platform for economic empowerment -- MakerDAO strives to unlock access to the global financial marketplace for all.
MakerDAO enables the generation of Dai (1 Dai = 1 USD), the world’s first unbiased currency and leading decentralized stablecoin. Dai eliminates volatility through an autonomous system of smart contracts called the Maker Protocol and decentralized community governance.

Axie Infinity & Pangea VC
Axie Infinity is a digital pet universe where players battle, raise and trade cute creatures called Axies.
It is one of the highest grossing-grossing blockchain games of all time, according to Dapp tracking website
Homepage: : :
The Finnish Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Association was established to promote and develop the local community, organize cryptocurrency activities and to improve knowledge, skills and professional qualification about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.
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Event is hosted by Dottir

Refreshements are provided by Maku Brewing

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