tiistai, 19. marraskuu 2019, Smarp offices, Customer Success Café Helsinki - The Intercom Edition

alkaen 19. marraskuu 2019 - 16:00 asti 18:00

Smarp offices

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Welcome to the seventh edition of the Helsinki Customer Success Café! This is an event for SaaS business professionals looking to share knowledge to help solve practical Customer Success challenges in their businesses, and simply to meet with other Customer Success practitioners. 
This time the event is hosted by Smarp, and we have special guest this time!Our friends from Intercom in Ireland will come to speak about Onboarding: the first 90 days. Intercom has revolutionised in-app communication, and one of those SaaS unicorns everyone wants to learn from, so we are proud to host them here in Helsinki!
* 16:00: Welcome and mingle
* 16.15: Intro
* 16:30: Discussion/questions
* 17:30: Wrap-up/conclusions
* 18:00 Mingle
We look forward to see you, and if the other editions are any indication, it will be a lively discussion for sure!
All the best, and see you on the 19th of November!
Your organisers,
Katja, Anna, Martina, Olli, Rasmus, Peter
P.S. 1 *cough* please be on time *cough*
P.S. 2 make sure to sign up for for access to a wonderful EU-wide community of CS practicioners!
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Customer Success Café Helsinki - The Intercom Edition, Smarp offices tapahtuma

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