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sprinters ONLINE community

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Does this sound like you...You have a business idea and you want to turn it into realityYou are building a business and wonder how to market it better and gain more customersYou want to launch and grow a business but just don't know where to startYou're struggling with launching cos you believe you need to codeYou don't know how to find the right customer or find consistent leadsGetting new users and retaining engagement is a challengeYou feel a little lonely and want to connect with other foundersOr maybe you're just figuring out what's next!If you answered yes, you are in the right place...
Here's how we can help.
At sprinters:

we break down the barriers that hold you back
provide the support you need to build a solid business
opportunity to network and learn from peers and like minds
business education, access to experts, goal setting and more!

** Discover What You Get **

Online Learning

Live Q&As with entrepreneurs sharing their success formula from launch to growth and renowned business experts (coming soon)

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Masterclasses with special guests and thought leaders (coming soon)
Inspiration and Confidence boost with our new weekly youtube videos of successful women sharing wisdom
Bonus Vault of bi-weekly templates + resources.


97 Funding Sources for Startups
List of 1,000+ VC's for your Startup
300+ Epic Blog Post titles
100 Ways to Get Your First 100 Users
22 Proven Cold Email Practices
Transcripts to previous Online Chats with Marketing Experts and more!


Startup SEO Growth & Bootstrapping with Syed Irfan Ajmal, Digital Marketer and Forbes Columnist
Lean Road Mapping and Product Management. You have Questions, I have Answers! AMA with Liz Love
Maximize Your Marketing with Limited $$$, I'm Marc Duke AMA, Marketing Veteran of 20 years.


Let's Talk About Strategic Marketing for Entrepreneurs with Marketing Veteran Anthony Coppedge
I'm Thomas Petit a Startup B2C Apps Growth Expert, AMA!

Peer Support

Member Spotlight your chance to be featured on the blog
Hot seats where you can get direct feedback on your biggest challenge right now from the brilliant minds in this community
Local member meetups (coming soon!)

Member Exclusives

Mentor clinics where you can get book free time with some of our wonderful mentors including VCs, Startup Accelerators and Serial Entrepreneurs (coming soon)
Exclusive goodies from our network partners (coming soon)
Access Members directory and connect with founders

The cost? Our community is open for ALL WOMEN + NON-BINARY FOLKS FREE for a limited time only.

This sounds awesome! How can I join?PLEASE COMPLETE YOUR MEMBERSHIP REQUEST HEREBy registering you will get access to the-> sprinters online community,-> The Bonus Vault-> Access to Seasoned Experts-> Support to Launch + Grow Your Business-> and more! :)

WOMEN Entrepreneurs Wanted , sprinters ONLINE community tapahtuma

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