maanantai, 21. lokakuu 2019, Oodi / Maijansali, #AIMonday Helsinki - Nothing but feelings

alkaen 21. lokakuu 2019 - 17:00 asti 19:30

Oodi / Maijansali

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AI Monday is ready to welcome the autumn with some great insights to how AI is changing the world and our feelings. We will hear great stories about the success and impact of Elements of AI, discuss the need of pooling data across companies to feed AI, and see how to capture customer feelings with AI. 
On stage: 

Johan Himberg - Reaktor

Marko Turpeinen - 1001 Lakes

Terje Ennomäe - Feelingstream

What is AI Monday?  

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AI Monday networking series aims to share knowledge of AI solutions and encourage organisations to start their own data journeys. The event runs monthly and offers networking, crisp presentations, AI-demos and discussions.
Presentations are streamed on-line, starting this time at 17:30. Videos are available on T&T pages a day or two afterwards.
Who is it meant for?
To anyone who wishes to learn about AI. To visionaries who seek to utilise data in unforeseen ways. To people who wish to be inspired. To leaders who transform their businesses.
Oodi, Maijansali
Monday, 21st of October , 17:00-19:30
 - Doors open at 17:00 - Presentations & live streaming start at 17:30, end around 18:30...18:45 - After the show, we'll have networking and discussions in small circles
What do I get?
Knowledge, contacts, tools for change, ideas, inspiration and good mood :-) 

#AIMonday Helsinki - Nothing but feelings, Oodi / Maijansali tapahtuma

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