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Think Company

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Do you have a business idea but you don’t want to run the business alone, or are you searching for members to your existing team? Perhaps you have expertise that you wish to put to use in the startup of your dreams?
Everybody knows that a solid team with a balanced skill set is crucial for the success of any startup, but it is not so easy to meet people who share your passion.
The event connects great ideas with business opportunity seekers and helps you find co-founders and team members you are searching for. The event starts with pitches in front of everyone and is followed by a networking session. 
This time around the event is organized in cooperation with Helsinki Think Company and is held in their premises in Central Helsinki.

Helsinki Think Company is the entrepreneurship society of the University of Helsinki. It aims to help the university community develop ideas and projects of their own – and execute them with success. Think Company supports changemakers on their journey e.g. by organizing various events from workshops and speaker events, to weekend-long hackathons, to months’ long idea accelerators. Think Company's co-working spaces are free and open to use for all entrepreneurial projects and freelance work. 
The event is in English and is free of charge for all participants.

In Search of Team Members (at Think Company), Think Company tapahtuma

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