perjantai, 20. syyskuu 2019, Your place, [Free] Let's make kombucha #BrewUp

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Your place

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Every Sunday afternoon.
For more information, you may chat here on Facebook, or add @LiveADeliciousLife to join Foodie WeChat group.

Everyone please bring an empty jar

Today we will

✔ Go to strangers' kitchen!
✔ Learn how to make kombucha!
✔ And cheers!


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To make the event happen, it requires at least

1 host
(who manages check-ins, offers venues and ingredients, sets the amount of money to split the fee, and collects payments)

1 creator
(who shows you his / her way of making kombucha)

Guest number depends on the venue. Thus choose your role when signing up. And you can be both the host and creator if you are just that awesome.


Free For everyone

All guests pay only for ingredients (It's free should the host says so)
Host serves you for free
Creator teaches for free
Fun times for EVERYBODY


Everyone is a volunteer, here to host, teach or learn.
Events will be canceled automatically when no hosts / creators / guests sign up.
Let's make it happen. Choose your role, and sign up now please!

[Free] Let's make kombucha #BrewUp, Your place tapahtuma

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