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Come and join us in evening of interesting talk, networking and food & drink. agile42's founder Andrea Tomasini will talk about the approach that he has built over the year in working with numerous clients evolving their organizations to become more resilient.
Today market cycles are rapidly shortening. Organizations need a new way to resilience, equipping the leadership to deal with complexity and the challenges of today. ORGANIC agility is such an evolutionary approach to organizational agility and resilience that has been developed by working with hundreds of companies around the world.
The three pillars of ORGANIC agility include a capability-based leadership model that focuses on the three dimensions of situation, behavior and culture. The second pillar provides the scaffolding for organizations to evolve to continuously improve through five key principles and the third is a set of tools, both analog and digital, to help companies attain and improve their organizational resilience.
About Andrea
Andrea is one of the founders of agile42 and he has been working in the software development and product management as well as in organizational design and change management for more than 20 years. He is one of the few people in the world owning a Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC), a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST), a Certified Agile Leader Educator (CAL Educator) and a Path ti CSP Educator (CSP-E) certifications.
Andrea trained and coached a diverse range of teams and helped many companies in various industries: finance, telecommunication, system engineering and automotive in becoming more resilient through Agility. His background includes experience in software and product development, business and functional analysis, lean coaching, leadership, organizational change, system architecture and project management. Andrea is very active in the Agile community and constantly evolving his approach to coaching, while working with clients, and participating at meet-ups with other coaches around the world.
No Show Fee
Although this is a free event will will charge a no show fee of 50€ if a registered participant does attend the event.

Organizations are complex, so make them resilient!, To be announced tapahtuma

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