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You're invited to join Epic Games for Unreal Engine Evening Helsinki 2019, where you can meet your peers, network, and enjoy refreshments and food together with the Unreal Engine team!
Unreal Engine Evening Helsinki will take place on September 30 at Arcade5, owned by Helsinki Games Capital ry (formerly Games Factory) from 17:00 onward.
During this free event, you will hear from several members of the Unreal Engine team along with Helsinki-based UE4 game developers.

16:30-17:00  - Doors open 

17:00 -17:05  - Welcome from Epic Games
17:05-17:10 - Intro to the venue by Gabriele Aimone, Helsinki Games Capital ry
17:20-18:00 - Online services & games security overview by Simon Allaeys and Rick Deist, Epic Games
18:00-18:40 - Mobile-first games with Unreal Engine by Claudio Lins of Cornfox & Bros
18:40-19:00 - Break 
19:00-19:40 - Gotta go fast! Threading in UE by Ethan Watson of Housemarque
19:40-20:20 - A dive into material creation in UE4 by Sjoerd de Jong, Epic Games
20:20-20:30 - Q&A for everyone 

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20:30-22:00 - Dinner & mingling

Talk Descriptions:
Mobile-first games with Unreal Engine, Claudio Lins of Cornfox & Bros
The journey: bringing Oceanhorn 2 to iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac—same game, same experience, all platforms, and multiple devices. 

Gotta go fast! Threading in UE, Ethan Watson of Housemarque
Unreal Engine is full of features, but for a high-end console game, there are some things that need home-brewed attention. This talk will leverage past experience with proprietary engines and cover ways to improve performance in Unreal Engine by offloading work to all those CPU cores we have sitting idle.

A dive into material creation in UE4, Sjoerd de Jong of Epic Games
An overview of the full spectrum of material authoring tools in UE4, combined with a series of in-depth do’s and don'ts to inspire experienced developers.

Speaker bios:
Ethan Watson, Sr Engine Programmer, Housemarque
Ethan Watson has been kicking around the industry for about 17 years. In that time he has worked on high-profile console games, both on the game and engine programming sides. He loves to dive into low-level Unreal Engine code. Also, he saved a squirrel at the Control launch party. How cool is that?

Claudio Lins, Producer, Cornfox & Bros
Claudio Lins is a veteran game producer and designer with almost 20 years of experience. During his career, he worked on several games for different platforms such as PC, console, arcade, mobile, handhelds and VR platforms. Nowadays he is part of the Cornfox team, working on the upcoming Oceanhorn 2.

Sjoerd de Jong, Senior Engine Evangelist, Epic Games
As an evangelist, Sjoerd travels around the continent to talk about and teach Unreal Engine 4. With 20 years of experience in the engine, Sjoerd is an Unreal Engine expert. Throughout his career, he has worked in everything from AAA development to running his own indie studio to education. 

Richard Deist, Game Security Lead, Epic Games
Game security from Epic Games includes Easy Anti-Cheat, middleware that has helped to protect over 100 million players. Richard has an early background in game modding and software/hardware engineering but found a calling in anti-cheat. He thrives on the challenge but secretly wishes everyone would just play fair.

Simon Allaeys, Director of Online Services, Epic Games
Simon is an engineer by craft, with a passion for video games and service design aesthetics. Simon co-founded Kamu (the company behind Easy Anti-Cheat) and grew it to become the market leader for multiplayer PC games. Since Kamu's acquisition by Epic, Simon has taken responsibility for the delivery of Epic's Online Services.  

A big thanks to our sponsor: Nocco - no carbs company

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