keskiviikko, 18. syyskuu 2019, Suomi, WOC Networking Evening Helsinki

alkaen 18. syyskuu 2019 - 17:00 asti 19:00
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Wanting to connect with other Womxn of Colour (WOC)* professionally? Looking to improve how you navigate working life? Join us on September 18th for the Womxn of Colour Networking event in Helsinki. We are inviting womxn of colour from all fields of work to come together to connect and mingle. It doesn’t matter whether you are just looking to enter the working force or have been at it for a while. What is it like for us often being the only womxn of color in our professional environment/place of employment/workplace?
What are our survival tactics? Do you know what discrimination is or what your rights are if you encounter discrimination for example in school, at work or with services? How do we navigate white spaces and the burden of intersecting oppressions of race and gender? 
This time the WOC Networking evening includes a Navigating White Spaces as a Womxn of Colour -workshop lead by therapist, activist and senior officer for the Non-Discrimination Ombudsmans Office Michaela Moua. She will present about discrimination and her work at the Non-Discrimination ombudsman's office. The workshop will delve into navigating white spaces of employment, sharing successful strategies and thinking of new ones. Looking forward to meeting you all! Don't forget to RSVP as there are only a limited number of tickets available! *Womxn of colour refers to womxn who belong to an ethnic/religious minority including femme/feminine-identifying genderqueer and non-binary individuals.

WOC Networking Evening Helsinki, Suomi tapahtuma

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