lauantai, 28. syyskuu 2019, SparkUp, Toastmasters humorous speech contest

alkaen 28. syyskuu 2019 - 14:00 asti 22:00


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Humorous speech and table topic contest for Toastmasters Finland members + unofficial table topics contest for all! 
When was the last time you had a good laugh? Welcome to spend a fun time listening to speeches and enjoying refreshments with international people and perhaps competing in a tabletopics speechcontest aswell! A tabletopics speechcontest involves you having just a moment to come up with a 2 min impromptu speech and giving it infront of an audience. Prices for best speeches. Be brave and step up or enjoy the evening - dont miss all the fun, make plans to join us!

Toastmasters humorous speech contest , SparkUp tapahtuma

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