tiistai, 10. syyskuu 2019, Meeting Room 8-9, RNAscope® - The RNA Revolution 2019 Seminar

alkaen 10. syyskuu 2019 - 12:00 asti 16:00

Meeting Room 8-9

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We are very pleased to invite you to our upcoming RNAscope® - The RNA Revolution 2019 seminar. The aim of this event is to promote and facilitate scientific discussions and exchanges among existing and future users from various institutions who want single-molecule sensitive detection of target expression in disease and normal tissue. This meeting presents a unique opportunity to share experiences, learn how the RNAscope® technology can help to overcome scientific challenges and engage in discussions.
To learn more about RNAscope® technology please visit 
Our invited speakers will show in their presentations how this next generation ISH enables and accelerates their research. They will present their scientific challenges and results and will describe how they set up the RNAscope® assays and established them as a core assay in their labs. At the end of the meeting we would like to get your feedback, answer special questions, discuss potential use of the RNAscope® technology in your lab and encourage networking with your colleagues and peers.
Attendance is free, seats are limited, so please register.
Speakers are:
Morgane Rouault - Visualize the RNA world: in situ hybridization using the RNAscope® technology.
Noora K Andersson - User experiences with RNA in situ hybridisation.
Mervi Aavikko - Intestinal neoplasia syndrome caused by a topologically associating domain boundary deletion.

RNAscope® - The RNA Revolution 2019 Seminar, Meeting Room 8-9 tapahtuma

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