sunnuntai, 18. elokuu 2019, Old Customs House, Main Exhibition - Helsinki Photo Festival 2019

alkaen 18. elokuu 2019 - 10:00 asti 18:00

Old Customs House

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In this indoor exhibition we’re proud to show the work of the following artists:
Open Call Winners, 2019
Best of Image Winners, 2019
The festival theme of “Anarchy” showcases ambitious and innovative photography that has never been seen before in Finland. The professional jurors selected 50 winners out of 170 open call submissions received from over 40 countries. The World Photo Organisation considers #helphoto to be one of the best 15 photo festivals in the world to visit this summer.
Enjoy the creativity and innovation of photography in the mysterious atmosphere of one of the oldest historic buildings in Helsinki!
About us
Helsinki Photo Festival is a non-profit association and cultural event happening in the metropolitan area of Helsinki, pushing the boundaries of how one explores and experiences photography by giving the audience an opportunity to view the work in the public sphere. The festival program includes exhibitions, artist talks, workshops, seminars, photo walks and modular outdoor photo installations.

Main Exhibition - Helsinki Photo Festival 2019, Old Customs House tapahtuma

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