lauantai, 14. syyskuu 2019, Höyhentämö-teatteriyhdistys ry, Macbeth: A Tale of the Conqueror and the Conquered

alkaen 14. syyskuu 2019 - 19:00 asti 20:30

Höyhentämö-teatteriyhdistys ry

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From our work in Los Angeles’s prisons and skid row we have developed this originaltake on the classic tale of Macbeth that hopes to build bridges between people from diverse backgrounds. This production uses visual and traditional theater techniques such as shadow, animation and puppetry to tell this tale and make it's message accessible for any audience despite language barriers. This production is part of the No Labels, No Walls Festival! 

Macbeth: A Tale of the Conqueror and the Conquered, Höyhentämö-teatteriyhdistys ry tapahtuma

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