torstai, 15. elokuu 2019, DNA House, Doing Good in Design: Social Impact And Ethics In Service Design

alkaen 15. elokuu 2019 - 16:30 asti 20:00

DNA House

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With swirling criticism of the negative impact of now ubiquitous technologies like Facebook and Google, there is a growing appetite from the design community to begin to consider their role in the world. But what does it mean to ‘do good’ in design? Is doing good just about those who practice design for social impact in charities and government or should we also talk about the role of designers as gatekeepers ensuring business decisions cause no harm?
We invite you to take part in this discussion, led by our guest speaker Jethro Sercombe. You will also hear what practical ways DNA has used to support its design culture and how they have brought the customer to the centre at DNA.

Doing Good in Design: Social Impact And Ethics In Service Design, DNA House tapahtuma

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