sunnuntai, 20. lokakuu 2019, The National Archives of Finland, CODATA-Helsinki 2019 Workshop on FAIR RDM in Institutions

alkaen 20. lokakuu 2019 - 12:30
asti 21. lokakuu 2019 - 18:00

The National Archives of Finland

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The CODATA-Helsinki Workshop on FAIR RDM in Institutions will take place at the National Archives of Finland on 20-21 October 2019. It is a collocated event before the 14th RDA Plenary Meeting, Helsinki, Finland.
The organisers and programme committee invites presentations and posters for this workshop.  The deadline for proposals is Friday 6 September. Given the relatively short time before the event, there will not be an extension. We aim to notify accepted speakers by Friday 13 September.
Research Data and Research Institutions
Research data are an asset for research institutions. Their creation, management and stewardship imposes considerable responsibilities and requires partnership and alignment with other institutions and research initiatives globally. All over the world universities and libraries have started the task of developing research data services, many aspiring to cover the entire research lifecycle: support in writing proposals and data management plans, repository infrastructures for the storage of data, support in publishing data, assignment of persistent identifiers, lecturing in data management, etc. This broad scope means that such services are often seen as requiring a joint effort from university, library, IT centre, faculties and other stakeholders.
FAIR Research Data Management involves robust planning, policies, infrastructure, training and support. Institutes that produce and consume data are required to ensure seamless accessibility to data and ensure practices that foster its reuse. Often institutes are less aware of existing good practices and progress in implementing Institutional Research Data Management. Improved awareness and knowledge sharing can help reduce duplication in initiatives, and avoid redundant and inefficient practices at various points in the data lifecycle. There is a widely recognised need to assist knowledge sharing between institutions and to do this in an increasingly structured way, by using (and where necessary refining) maturity models such as the DCC RISE. Equally, effective knowledge sharing can help reduce the gap between rich and poor institutions and between universities or research organisations in economically advantaged and disadvantaged contexts. Effective RDM practices can also make the process for sharing and reusing data more streamlined and efficient, thereby enabling research to be more efficient and driving greater impacts to be achieved out of research.
It is timely for actors in the various dimensions of such initiatives internationally to share their practical experiences, research and insights.
Themes and Guidelines for Proposals
Please consult the call for presentations and posters for themes and guidlines for submissions.
Workshop Programme
The event will start at 12:30 (TBC) on Sunday 20 October and will conclude at 18:00 (TBC) on Monday 21 October.  the programme will feature at least two keynotes, parallel sessions of presentations on the workshop themes, and discursive workshop activities around the issues of benchmarking and maturity models for FAIR RDM in Institutions.  Refreshments on both days and lunch on Monday 21 October will be provided.
Registration Fees
In order to contribute towards our costs (conference management system, refreshment breaks and lunch on Mon 21 October), but also to deter spurious and speculative registrations, which on previous events have greatly added to our workload, the programme committee has agreed to charge a registration fee of 40 euros. 
Programme Committee

Jan Brase, University of Göttingen

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Mercè Crosas, Harvard University
Claudia Engelhardt, University of Göttingen
Jane Greenberg, Drexel University
Simon Hodson, CODATA
Heidi Laine, CSC
Liu Chuang, Institute of Geography, Chinese Academy of Science
Devika Madalli, Indian Statistical Institute
Pekka Orponen, Aalto University
Limor Peer, Yale University
Jan Lucas van der Ploeg, University Medical Center Groningen
Robin Rice, University of Edinburgh
Annette Strauch, University of Hildesheim
Minglu Wang, York University
James Wilson, UCL
Keith Russell, ARDC
Michael Witt, Purdue University

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