tiistai, 12. marraskuu 2019, Espoo, Building Circular Economy Language Skills

alkaen 12. marraskuu 2019 - 9:30 asti 12:30


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Bringing the technical and business sides together to learn how to understand and speak each other’s “circular economy language”. This workshop crowns the series and is an opportunity to develop the skills built in the first two parts through engaging in cross-disciplinary dialogue. This workshop might most benefit the engineer and business researcher participants of the two earlier parts, but anyone is welcome to participate. 
This project is part of the “Bridging Circular Economy Technologies and Business Models” project, a collaboration between the Aalto Schools of Business and Engineering. The workshops will provide a forum for cross-disciplinary researchers to exchange knowledge, practices and ideas related to circular economy study.

Building Circular Economy Language Skills , Espoo tapahtuma

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