tiistai, 17. syyskuu 2019, Helsingfors, Implementing SAFe® 4.6 with SAFe Program Consultant (SPC4)

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Implementing SAFe®
Trainer: Virpi Rowe, Lean and Agile consultant and trainer, SAFe SPCT, Radtac Oy
During this four-day course, you will learn how to lead a Lean-Agile transformation by leveraging the practices and principles of the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®).
You will also gain insights and practice how to coach programs, launch Agile Release Trains, build a Continuous Delivery Pipeline with DevOps culture, and empower a Lean Portfolio.
The first two days of the course—Leading SAFe®—will provide them with the basis to teach SAFe to leaders. The final two days focus exclusively on what it takes to successfully implement SAFe in the enterprise.
Becoming a Certified SAFe® 4 Program Consultant (SPC), and becoming a change agent, will enable you to coach and guide the enterprise to succeed in a disruptive marketplace and empower them to implement a Lean-Agile SAFe transformation.
The following individuals will benefit from this course:

Product Managers, Product Line Managers, Product Owners, Business Owners and Business Analysts

Solution Managers, Portfolio Managers, Program Managers, PMO personnel, and Process Leads

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Enterprise, Solution, and System Architects

Learning Objectives
To perform the role of a SAFe® Product Owner/Product Manager, attendees should be able to:

Apply SAFe in the Lean enterprise

 Connect SAFe Lean-Agile principles and values to the PO/PM roles

Collaborate with Lean Portfolio Management

Explore continuous value with Program Increment Planning

Execute the Program Increment and deliver continuous value

Articulate the Product Owner and Product Manager roles

Create a role action plan

Topics Covered
Leading SAFe® – Days 1 and 2

 Introducing the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe@)

Embracing a Lean-Agile Mindset

Understanding SAFe@ Principles

Creating High-Performing Teams and Programs

Experiencing Program Increment (PI) Planning

Exploring, Executing, and Releasing Value

Leading a Lean-Agile Enterprise

Empowering a Lean Portfolio

Building Large Solutions

Implementing SAFe® – Days 3 and 4

Reaching the SAFe Tipping Point

Designing the Implementation

Launching an ART

Coaching ART Execution

Extending to the Portfolio

Sustaining and Improving

 Becoming a SAFe 4 Program Consultant (SPC)

What Attendees Get
The class registration includes:

Attendee workbook

Preparation and eligibility to take the SAFe 4 Program Consultant (SPC) exam

One-year membership to the SAFe Community Platform

Course certificate of completion

Attendees must attend all four days of the course in order to qualify for the exam.
All stakeholders in a Lean-Agile transformation are welcome to attend the course, regardless of experience. However, the following prerequisites are highly recommended for those who intend to take the SAFe® 4 Program Consultant exam and practice as a Certified SAFe® 4 Program Consultant (SPC):

5+ years of experience in software development, testing, business analysis, product, or project management

3+ years of experience in Agile

One or more relevant Agile certifications

Attendees who pass the exam will receive:

SAFe Program Consultant (SPC) certificate

A SAFe 4 Program Consultant digital badge to promote your accomplishment online

A one-year certified membership as a SAFe Program Consultant, which includes access to the SPC Community of Practice

A SAFe Program Consultant certification usage guide with SPC certification marks

Access to online Trainer Enablement plans to qualify to teach and certify others in Leading SAFe (SAFe Agilist SA), SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager (POPM), SAFe Scrum Master (SSM), SAFe Advanced Scrum Master (SASM), and SAFe for Teams (SAFe Practitioner (SP)

Access to a variety of learning resources to support certified professionals during and throughout their SAFe journey

The course documentation is in English and the course will be held in English.

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