torstai, 13. kesäkuu 2019, Hotel St. George Helsinki, Light Your Fire and Luminate the World by Loimu Learning Life Lab

alkaen 13. kesäkuu 2019 - 8:30 asti 10:30

Hotel St. George Helsinki

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I invite You to Light Your Fire and Luminate the World!

After the astonishing amount of interest in my first Loimu Learning Life Lab event last Thursday I'm organizing a second rendez-vous at the beautiful Wintergarden of the new, shiny and cozy Hotel St. George in the heart of Helsinki.

For whom?

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This event is open for everyone. I hope you come as open and authentic as possible.

I believe this encounter can be especially beneficial for people who are curious of this life and the world we are living in. Who want to understand themselves better, and be a force for good in this world.

If possible I recommend to take along a friend, spouse, colleague or your whole team so you can continue the process easily after the session if you want. There will also be a possibility to form groups for interested people in the end.


I will present my LOIMU model and perspectives on how to start and accelerate your inner healing and growth process. The model is an ongoing exploration I am studying and experimenting with at the moment. This session will consist of,

1) Sharing my own story and how I have created the LOIMU model from my own experiences, dozens of interviews, academic research and different experiments

2) Individual reflection practices

3) Facilitated group exercises and discussion

4) Panel discussion with top experts from different fields (need to be confirmed still)

There will be an abundant and healthy breakfast served as well.

This is a not-for-profit event and my aim is not to make business with this concept (at least yet ;)) but to raise awareness, collect feedback, understand and share.

To cover the expenses of this beautiful space and the luxurious breakfast the ticket prices are:

High income / contribution ticket: 60e (10 seats)

Middle income ticket: 45e (25 seats)

Lower income ticket: 30e (25 seats)

I wanted to make the ticket pricing progressive so hopefully the price wouldn't be a hinder for most people. In the future I will also host sessions in cheaper spaces which can lower the ticket price.

Sign-up ou can pay the ticket with mobilepay directly to me: 0505446083.

If we get 25 people along I will keep the event. If not this time I will postpone this to August.

Warmly welcome!

Light Your Fire and Luminate the World by Loimu Learning Life Lab, Hotel St. George Helsinki tapahtuma



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