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Wonderland Work

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We teach the fast sketching of live models and animations from those sketches.

Open to all and no experience required. All materials are provided by us!

As many times, words are not enough, we at Croquis Nights believe fast sketching is essential for communicating our thoughts in a comprehensive way. Croquis liberates us from the pressures of a perfect outcome and helps us focus on the essence of observation.

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We start by drawing four minute poses, increasingly shorten the drawing time and end each session with thirty second ones. The croquis classes are held weekly, while the animation sessions are held bimonthly.

Current teachers include the architect Pedro Aibéo and animation artist Juuso Kallioinen.

WHEN: Wednesdays from 17:30 – 18:30h

WHERE: Wonderland Work, Helsinki

FEE: 5 EUR (paid in cash at the class), if paid online you guarantee a place. Each session limited to 30 people.

More infos at:

Croquis Classes 2019 Season 2, Wonderland Work tapahtuma

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