tiistai, 23. huhtikuu 2019, Tellus Innovation Arena, Oulun Yliopisto, Public Speaking Workshop Series

alkaen 23. huhtikuu 2019 - 16:30 asti 19:30

Tellus Innovation Arena, Oulun Yliopisto

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Today the average person absorbs more than 20,000 words of information daily, from the internet and in daily speaking situations.
As speakers, if you are able to organize and verbalize the information you already have, whether your thesis, your lecture, or your product/service, you can make an impression on the audience and stimulate them to learn more.
Yet speaking to many people may make you nervous and uncomfortable. You may be afraid of saying something foolish or will bore your audience.
In this series of 4 workshops, you can learn to speak more confidently by organizing your ideas logically, relating the information to the listeners, and engaging them in your presentation. Also, you will learn the skills of active listening and giving constructive feedback to others.
This is a learning-by-doing workshop, you will craft a speech, present, and receive feedback from the instructor and your peers to improve.
The atmosphere will be friendly, and supportive, you can practice in pairs until you are comfortable to speak in front of more people.
There are 4 workshops, once a week, 3 hours each, only for 15 participants. In order to be effective, you need to commit to joining all 4 workshops.

04.04.2019: Explain your CV - Break the Ice

09.04.2019: Explain what you love and what you are good at - Organize Your Speech

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16.04.2019: Explain what the world needs and what you can offer to the world - Focus on the Message

23.04.2019: Consolidate and Perform 

All 4 workshops are free of charge.
Let's develop your confidence in public speaking by practicing, one workshop at a time.

Public Speaking Workshop Series, Tellus Innovation Arena, Oulun Yliopisto tapahtuma

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