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alkaen 24. huhtikuu 2019 - 12:00 asti 13:30

Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel, Helsinki

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"Can you send proof of your income?" should be a simple question, but most of the time isn't. Can digitalisation make it one? After eight years in the industry, over 300 bank integrations and operating in 25 markets, it's fair to say we've gathered some valuable experience within the financing industry. For the past months, we have been busy giving seminars all over the Nordics, presenting our credit risk report and being part of panel discussions. The next stop on our tour is Helsinki, and we can't up below to attend our second seminar – "How digitalisation buys trust & boosts conversion" in a series, where we aim to re-conceptualise credit risk. Join us as we scrutinise this topic; and of course, you’ll not go hungry while we do it. What to expect?– The launch of our new eBook – Talk by Instantor Head of Sales, Marcus Dahlman – A free networking lunch with thought leaders from the Nordic financing industry
We hope to see you there!

How digitalisation buys trust & boosts conversion, Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel, Helsinki tapahtuma

Launch of Nordic Circular Hotspot pre-study @ WCEF

Launch of Nordic Circular Hotspot pre-study @ WCEF

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