keskiviikko, 22. toukokuu 2019, Epicenter, TALKS by WLOUNGE: Next Gen Living & Working Environments

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TALKS by WLOUNGE: Next Gen Living & Working Environments

For the first time ever,  TALKS by WLOUNGE come to Helsinki: a short-format event where influential and inspiring women take the stage for maximum 18 minutes (Ted-talk style) to tackle current business or societal issues while amplifying and supporting women’s contribution to the world.

TALKS speakers are always diverse but have one thing in common: to advocate and support women’s contribution to the world and look forward to building a community where inclusion and diversity play a central role.

Our theme for the evening will be “Next Generation Living & Working Environments” and we have gathered some of Finland’s most inspiring thought leaders and future thinkers to share their insights and knowledge with you.

The event will also offer both networking opportunities and an open discussion window to share experiences, challenges and solutions. Here is the program we’ve prepared for you:

Next Gen Living & Working Environments
18:30 Doors open & Networking
19:00 Welcome by hosts
19:05 Speeches (4 speakers x 18mins)
Talk 1: Culture

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How to create inclusive working culture
Katja Toropainen, Researching Financial Inclusion
Talk 2: Work
Collective impact: True stories of next-generation leaders
Anne Badan, Co-Founder & CEO, The Shortcut
Talk 3: Life
The civic “smart” society
Inclusive cities
Citizen engagement
Giving back 1 hour of free time
Kaisa Spilling, Development Manager, Forum Virium
Talk 4: Tech
AR - Why it will be a game-changer?
Emmi Jouslehto, CEO, Arilyn 
20:20 Networking break
20:30 Open Discussion with all guest speakers
Moderator: TBD 
21:00 Closing & Networking

Why attend TALKS?
- Listen to thought leaders, be challenged and inspired.
- Get a glimpse of the future and how it will impact us.
- Meet like-minded people from different backgrounds.
- Join the discussion!

TALKS by WLOUNGE are global event series that offers a stage to inspiring and high potential women especially in fields there is underrepresentation such as technology, sciences, finance and politics. WLOUNGE networks have collaborated in projects across the world, including in Germany, Israel, the U.S. and China.
The way we work and live are rapidly changing. How will technology make our daily lives easier? How does this impact working culture? How do we educate the next generation workforce? How do we live and interact with each other, how do we make sure everybody is involved? Join the discussion on May 22nd at Epicenter Helsinki. See you then & there!

Limited tickets available, move fast!

(Questions/Sponsor inquiries:

TALKS by WLOUNGE: Next Gen Living & Working Environments, Epicenter tapahtuma

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