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Hotel Lilla Roberts

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Do not postpone your dreams and plans for later!
If you are interested in programming or if you want to learn more about it - we invite you to our information meeting.
The meeting is for you if:
➡  your job doesn't give you satisfaction anymore,
➡  you want to constantly grow and earn more money,
➡  you are interested in IT industry and opportunities it gives,
➡  you love to travel and you dream about working remotely from any place on Earth.

Sounds like you? If the answer is yes, come to the meeting and you will learn, among other things:
✅  how to learn programming from scratch and how long it will take 
✅  what is the condition of the IT industry in the Finland and why so many programmers are still needed 
✅ how does a developer's job looks like
✅ how we teach
✅ what determines your chances to get your first IT job and how we will help you in this matter

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✅  you will learn stories of people who dared to make a change and have already started their adventure with programming
... and if you like it and want to start a few months programming course from scratch with us, after the meeting you will have a discount on the Java course in your pocket!
The meeting is 100% FREE (you only need to register). Come and ask us some questions, we will answer all of them!:)
See you there!
Software Development Academy is the largest programming academy in CEE. For several years, we have been organizing programming trainings from scratch in a dozen cities in Poland, as well as abroad (including United Kingdom, Ireland, Romania, Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia).
SDA has trained has already trained more than 3 000 programmers on over 200 courses. It works with over 500 IT trainers. Currently, more than 1 000 people is working to become a programmer on SDA courses.
Graduates of the courses are supported through the Absolvent Success Program, thanks to which, after completing the training, the students are easier to get their first job in the IT industry.

[FREE] Become a Junior Java Developer! - info meeting HELSINKI, Hotel Lilla Roberts tapahtuma

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