perjantai, 17. toukokuu 2019, Q101, Väre, Models of Impact X Aalto University

alkaen 17. toukokuu 2019 - 13:30 asti 16:00

Q101, Väre

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Would you like to learn more about business model design and the mechanics of social enterprise?
 On the 17th of May students from the USC Iovine and Young Academy, California, will be visiting Aalto University as part of a study trip to Europe. Matthew Manos, the founder of verynice, one of the first social enterprises in the design industry, and Assistant Dean of Academic Strategy at the USC, will be facilitating a role-playing and ideation game that simulates the process of launch a social enterprise in Väre at 1:30pm for USC and Aalto students. The event is open to all Aalto students but it is necessary to register in advance as only 20 places are available. Please note: priority will be given to Climate-KIC Master's Label students and will be counted as a Spark Lecture.
About Models of Impact 
Models of Impact is a game-based approach to business model ideation and design strategy that has been used by thousands of entrepreneurs and students across the globe. Through this 2.5 hour session, participants will be immersed in the landscape of innovative business models that are driving organizations forward. Participants will also be challenged to think rapidly, and invent a range of new ideas that combine impact and revenue to collaboratively to design a unique business model.

Models of Impact X Aalto University, Q101, Väre tapahtuma

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