keskiviikko, 29. toukokuu 2019, A Grid, CS End-of-year Celebration

alkaen 29. toukokuu 2019 - 17:00 asti 20:00

A Grid

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Warm welcome to the annual Creative Sustainability end-of-year celebration. This year we will focus on ‘Life after CS’ with presentations from two CS Alumni who work with sustainability in diverse applications. We will also hear from Irma Karjalainen, HSY Director and member of CS the board and our programme director Prof. Mikko Jalas. After the presentations there will be plenty of time for meeting new and old friends and for expanding the CS community network.

The event will start at 5pm, with the first presentation at 5.30. As has become the tradition, we will have wonderful vegan/vegetarian food provided by our own CS Alumni Aslihan Oguz, founder of MyDearKitchenInHelsinki.

We also happily invite you to attend the CS thesis presentations which will occur earlier in the day (details to follow).

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More information coming soon:

CS End-of-year Celebration, A Grid tapahtuma

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