tiistai, 16. huhtikuu 2019, BrewDog Tampere, Chocolate Eggs & Other Stuff Easter Tasting TRE

alkaen 16. huhtikuu 2019 - 18:00 asti 19:30

BrewDog Tampere

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Spring is here! (Finally)
To celebrate this, we are holding Easter food & Beer themed tasting with our
beloved tasting guy Tomi. He has chosen carefully 4 different Easter treats and
combined them with the most awesome artisan beer from our selections.
Buckle up, get your bunny ears and witch noses and join us @ BrewDog Tre!
Tickets 29@ / person
Unfortunately, this tasting will not be Vegan or gluten avoiding, stay tuned
for them later!

Chocolate Eggs & Other Stuff Easter Tasting TRE, BrewDog Tampere tapahtuma

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