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Maria 01

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Your Way to Success in China

Learn how to 10x your revenue in China
Meet the Delegation of big investors, businessmen, and government officials from China
Get the insights from local governmental and business representatives
How to penetrate Chinese market through Shanghai
Learn from European expat’s success in China

Largest Market In The World.
China was the factory of the world, producing goods that everyone consumed. But recently, China is becoming the biggest consumer market -- a battleground for companies willing to make a fortune. However, while some companies ride the wave of growth, others have lost millions and suffered from betrayal, fraud, misunderstanding and failures.
First Hand Information
How to take advantage of this largest developing market and multiply the scale of your own business, while minimizing the risk?
The forum will provide first-hand information through intimate communication with top governmental and business representatives from China’s best emerging Yangtze River Delta market.
Why Yangtze River Delta? It is an international gateway around Shanghai and the major China economy engine. The region has 26 cities and 2.2 Trillion USD (2018) of GDP. It is also been said:“If you succeed in China, you succeed in the world And if you succeed in YRD, you succeed in China”

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Meet Your Potential Business Partner
The delegates are not in Helsinki just for sharing their experience and information, but also to spot potential projects, products and companies to invest, trade, promote and co-operate with.

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