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NewCo Helsinki

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Everywhere you hear that smart social media strategies are the key to success for an early-stage company. Millions of creatives – photographers, illustrators, painters, designers and so on – make money selling their work ONLY through social media.
Social media is where you are supposed to find clients, get noticed by brands, galleries and publishers, right? True, but how do you do it when you have 100 followers, half of whom are your family and friends? You know that your art, products, and services are outstanding, but you are not sure how to stand out when competing with the whole world? Come and learn from your fellow-creatives how they have built their online communities and use them for making their businesses profitable. 
How to communicate with your online audience? Which social media platform to choose? How often and what kind of content to post? If you want to build or grow your social media presence as a personal brand or a company this is an event for you. Our speakers are founders of companies and online influencers who will share their tips, secrets and downfalls.

Our speakers:
Dasha Pears
Dasha Pears a conceptual and fine art photographer and social media influencer with a vibrant Instagram community of 27.9K people and growing. Dasha started being active on social media only a few years ago when she moved to Finland and had to start making a living from her art. Being introverted and feeling very uncomfortable with sharing anything about her life on the internet, Dasha literally forced herself to publish her works on Instagram. Since then her following grew organically and fast. She will share important tips on how to turn social media into platforms for strengthening your brand, creating a community around it and selling your services.
More of Dasha’s info and works :

Sasha Kretova
Sasha Kretova is a designer, illustrator and musician based in Helsinki. Most known for her minimalist, eco-friendly, handbound planners and notebooks, she has recently expanded into drawing, painting and illustration and turning her art into ethically produced paper products and accessories. Together with her friend and colleague Mia Minerva, Sasha has held several drawing workshops and has started a local drawing community called Helsinki Drawing Club.
More of Sasha’s info and works atwebsite/store: :

Young Finnish Design
Young Finnish Design are two furniture designers and interior architects, Elisa Luoto and Heidi Huovinen, and they have founded Young Finnish Design to help young talented designers to get their products into manufacturing and to markets. They pick cool products by young Finnish designers, find them a manufacturer and sell them online and to retailers.

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More about Young Finnish Designhttps://
This event is brought to you together by Creative coLab and NewCo Helsinki.

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