keskiviikko, 24. huhtikuu 2019, Vincit, Designing for a better tomorrow

alkaen 24. huhtikuu 2019 - 17:00 asti 19:30


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Hello fellow Designers and welcome! The theme for the evening takes us away from the micro and into the macro. Looking at the big picture, we need to ask ourselves, what is the role of the designer and how is it changing? We'll tackle big questions like how do we address climate change and how do we design for the emotional needs of people living in a society of ever increasing anxiety, uncertainty and change?When: Wednesday 24.4.2019 klo 17:00-19:00Where: Vincit, Helsinginkatu 15, 20500 TurkuAgenda:17:00 Food and networking17:15 WelcomePlanet-centric design - Anton Schubert Design for flourishing - Satu Jumisko-PyykköDesign for sharing - Jarno OjalaFree discussionFood and drinks are served. Please, let us know if you have a special your seat by Tuesday April 18th. Seats are limited (40 places), so reserve yours quickly. If you are not able to attend, please cancel your registration so we can release your seat. We will open a waitlist if needed.

Designing for a better tomorrow, Vincit tapahtuma

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