lauantai, 13. huhtikuu 2019, Futurice, ProductCamp Helsinki 2019

alkaen 13. huhtikuu 2019 - 11:45 asti 17:00


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ProductCamp is an ‘’unconference’’ for people interested in product management and product marketing. The first ProductCamp was organized in Mountain View 2008 and has been followed by hundreds of ProductCamps from Vancouver to Melbourne including 10 major cities in Europe. ProductCamp Helsinki has been organised annually since 2014.
The idea is to get together and share the experiences of product management and product marketing. Active participants create the content to the event and the participants themselves may propose topics. The target is active involvement rather than mere listening. ProductCamp is a great opportunity to share experiences, learn new skills and network with people interested in product management. Both beginners and experienced professionals are welcome.
IMPORTANT NOTE: We have a strict no-show policy!
Since this is a free event with limited capacity, no show’s eat into other motivated people’s possibility for attending the event. Thus, in order to keep the event free and enable the maximum amount of people to attend the event, we will be charging a 50€ no-show fee (incl. 24% VAT) for each attendee who does not show up and has not cancelled their ticket 48 hours prior to the event via Eventbrite. ProductCamp Helsinki is a non-profit event, produced by volunteers – any fees collected will be used for covering the costs of organizing the event such as attendee kits and other event materials and promotion.

ProductCamp Helsinki 2019, Futurice tapahtuma

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