tiistai, 07. toukokuu 2019, Tullikamari (Pakkahuone & Klubi), Monitor Roadshow Finland – Tampere 7/5

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Tullikamari (Pakkahuone & Klubi)

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Monitor Roadshow is the Nordic region’s biggest touring B2B trade fair for audio, video and lighting professionals in the broadcast and AV industry, focusing on technology, networking and sales.
Distributors all share the same booth space in a silent sphere so that you, as an attendee , can get the most out of the meeting, without any distractions.
No more overly crowded and over sized booths, no more aggressive sale offers, and no more deafening loud noises from every angle. Monitor Roadshow is built to facilitate the meeting between you and the exhibitor, with no distractions.

Monitor Roadshow Finland – Tampere 7/5, Tullikamari (Pakkahuone & Klubi) tapahtuma

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