keskiviikko, 27. helmikuu 2019, Room Q203, CS Alumni Talks: Brenda Victoria Vértiz Márquez

alkaen 27. helmikuu 2019 - 10:00 asti 11:00

Room Q203

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Brenda Victoria Vértiz Márquez will present her experience as a public servant working at the Laboratorio para la Ciudad, the experimental office of the Mexico City government. During the presentation Brenda will discuss how, as a designer, she worked on creating links between different stakeholders, especially civil society and the government, based on multidisciplinary collaborations and emphasising the importance of community centred design processes as well as prototyping as a means of instigating new forms of political and public imagination. Two projects will exemplify this: The "Design for the City" project and “Peatoniños (Pedestrian children): Reclaiming the streets for children's right to the city and play”. About BrendaBrenda is a designer for the city. She is an industrial designer by Tec de Monterrey in Mexico City and holds a Masters of Arts degree in Creative Sustainability from Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture in Helsinki, Finland. For the last 10 years her practice and research have focused on community centred design approaches and on the social and political implications of creative practices in the public sphere. [A couple of weeks ago] she moved back to Finland after working at the Laboratorio para la Ciudad (Lab for the City)— the experimental office and creative think tank of the Mexico City government. At the Lab she lead the Design for the City strategy. She also has been teaching an undergrad course on Design and Social Innovation at Centro University in Mexico City for 2 years. *Her favourite band, TheTalking Heads.

CS Alumni Talks: Brenda Victoria Vértiz Márquez, Room Q203 tapahtuma

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