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Feel like hanging out on a larger scale? Preceding the ngVikings conference, come join us for a mini-conference to pick up the hottest tips and tricks of the trade with the @AngularFI community! We have spectacular speakers, and while you're at it, check out the workshops available! (Hint: ask your employer to attend one of these amazing workshops or the Hangout, these are world-class trainers and speakers on important subjects driving modern front-end, it benefits your employer, as well.) 
Stay tuned, there is more yet to be revealed, we look forward to seeing you on the 14th of March!
Here are links to the entire schedule for all 3 days, including workshops in addition to the Hangout: 
Exact timing of sessions and breaks during the Hangout on Thursday (not workshops) will be published soon.
What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?
We will be in Tieto's headquarters in Keilaniemi. Some may recall that it was previously the Nokia building and still home for Microsoft. Three glass buildings, the logos on the buildings are Tieto, Microsoft and Fortum. If you get lost, look for the helipad on the shoreline or the waterskiing run, close to highway 51, turn 180 degrees, and that's us. (The entrance is on the front of the first building.)
Come by metro or bus: we are just a few minutes from the station. From the metro, exit at Keilaniemi and walk along the road or the water towards the highway. 
Come by car: Parking is available but limited, so arrive early to get a place. Visitor parking is behind the parking garage along the street. There is plenty of free parking at Hanasaari (5-10 mins walk: ).
How can I contact the organizers with questions?
The organizers can be found here: 
During the day of the event or workshop, you can call Liisa with questions about the venue or if you are lost, +358401676588
Tip: At the venue, there are touch-screen TVs around with maps tracking the locations of Tieto employees carrying tags. You can use these to find your way to workshops or conference rooms, and you can also watch Tieto people wandering around. You can search names to find those of us that work at Tieto or meeting rooms (e.g. "Liisa Duerig" or "Kustaanmiekka") for help with the venue. If you are curious about our Empathic Building, feel free to ask, we are pretty proud of it!

The Big Hangout 2019, Tieto tapahtuma



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