maanantai, 11. maaliskuu 2019, Design Museum Helsinki, NODUS Talks: Urban Activist Design

alkaen 11. maaliskuu 2019 - 16:15 asti 18:00

Design Museum Helsinki

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NODUS TALKS series is organised by NODUS Sustainable Design Research Group of Aalto University, bringing together researchers and practitioners on topics relevant to design, innovation and sustainability. Presentations will be followed by a panel discussion, both held in English.
CLAUDIA GARDUÑO GARCÍA (DA in Design) works as a postdoctoral researcher in NODUS, she is the founder of the Aalto LAB Mexico project and the research director of Design Your Action (DYA). She will be reflecting on 'Seed Residency', DYA’s contribution to WDC 2018.
BRENDA VICTORIA VÉRTIZ MÁRQUEZ is a designer for Mexico City and a CS alumni. Her practice focuses on the social and political implications of creative practices in the public realm. She will share her experiences as a public servant working within Mexico City government.
Host: María Ferreira Litowtschenko

NODUS Talks: Urban Activist Design, Design Museum Helsinki tapahtuma

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