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Sepon Koulu Primary School

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Learn to cook Spanish dishes like the Michelin-starred chefs.
HoxTeamCompany from MTA(Mondragon Team Academy) in collaboration with Basque Culinary Center, a world-leading academic institution, in the innovation and investigation of gastronomy and nutrition, created by Michelin-starred chefs, offers a live course and tasting in group of Spanish cuisine with all included. You will learn how to cook yourself the local dishes, the history and secrets that hide such a rich gastronomical culture. Furthermore, you will taste the unique and traditional Spanish flavours. This lessons will be given live by video conference and supervised by Spanish specialists.
The course will be composed of three individual lessons:

1st lesson 5th of February: Spanish paella

2nd lesson 12th of February: Andalusian gazpacho and fried squid rings

3rd lesson 19th of February: Rice with milk and Cod omelet

All the lessons will be from 5:30pm to 7:30pm.

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Join us or ask for more info. to:
luis@hoxteamcompany.com +34 650962088
aitor@hoxteamcompany.com +34 619731502

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