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Your admission covers access to this Online Masterclass, cheatsheets and checklists.

What do Pinterest, Snapchat, Amazon, and Alibaba all have in common?
They were all started by non-technical founders who couldn't code and didn't have a CTO.
Nowadays, anyone who has an idea is told that they have to "learn to code" or "find a partner," but learning how to code isn't realistic; it takes years to get good at and forces you to neglect your other skill set. Plus, finding a technical partner is insanely difficult because everyone is trying to do it, and if you do find someone, it's going to be really expensive.
If you have an idea you don't need to learn how to code and you don't need to sacrifice half of your vision to someone "technical." As an entrepreneur, a freelancer, or even a small business owner you need to learn how to independently test and launch your ideas - without anyone else's help. This Masterclass will show you how. 
I know the frustration that someone feels when they have a business idea and they can't act on it. If you have an idea it's not going to get more valuable by sitting on it. Let me show you how to turn the idea quickly (and cheaply) into reality. Empower yourself with this immensely valuable skill set and join the Online Masterclass.

What we're going to cover:

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The most effective way to set up a landing page in minutes
Live example on building your MVP for a product business
Live example on building your MVP for a service business
How to get your MVP designed under a budget

Why you should take this Masterclass:
- This Masterclass has been delivered to over 5,000 women around the world, learn and adopt a tried and tested formula
- You'll learn essential and repeatable skills on how to get started fast!
- Being able to identify an idea, test it, and launch it will be an invaluable tool even if you never pursue your idea. There will be unlimited opportunities to implement these skills in your life.
- Learn a skill set that will make you a more well-rounded entrepreneur, freelancer, marketer, business owner, or sales expert.
- Lifetime access to the Masterclass and cheat sheets.
- Follow along, watch me take an idea all the way through to MVP

Who is the target audience?

Entrepreneurs, freelancers, and business owners can all benefit from this Masterclass.
Anyone who wants to learn how to test ideas and validate ideas, fast. 

At the end of this Masterclass, you will be able to:

Create a solid MVP for a service and product based business
You will have the tools to develop your MVP
Creative examples to support you to think outside the box
Complimentary workbook and checklist to keep you on track.

Your Host

Presented by Founder of sprinters, Mevish Aslam, an Entrepreneurship expert who has supported 10,000+ women into the playing field of Entrepreneurship around the world. Her expertise is in branding, marketing, launching and growing businesses around the world. To this effect, she freelances working with corporates, global startups as well as advising on Universities on Entrepreneurship. As the Finalist of the Great British Entrepreneur Award, her work has been featured on Forbes, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, CNN and more.

How to Build Your Startup under $100 with NO CODE, Helsinki tapahtuma

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