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Tribe Tampere (P47)

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BS Corner is back!
Freestyle brainstorming with structure, but no limits! We tackle together the biggest tech & society topics.
Do you have ideas brewing but they sound too crazy to reveal? Got pent up creative energies? Are daily discussions just circling around the small old topics? What is the BIG picture and why aren't we talking more??
Let's jolt our mind with bigger ideas of life, the world, society, business and technology.
You are allowed to speak up and not hold back! There are no stupid questions or silly ideas. Insights often come from surprising directions.
Let's start a new project for your new idea. Let's take real steps!
BS Corner (Intl.), TampereES and Tribe Tampere invite you and your brain.

You will: -Meet new, unique and bright people from different backgrounds. Some of these people could realize your vision together with you.
-Make a real project with planned stages and a schedule, to be worked by your team after the event. We can systematically follow up and help.
-Have the opportunity to join the planning team for new BS Corner events in 2019.
How? In BS Corner you will: -Join in realistic and goal oriented small group discussions, but with a larger than usual perspective (say "the galaxy" or "human lifespan") -Connect dots in a very big picture and wide variety of today's society & tech. -Locate the faultlines in the big picture, and then make your plan: what you and others can DO at those faultlines.. That's where the opportunities are!

Here food for thought and discussion:
-The edgiest new technologies [you name it]-Going deviceless-AI and psychology-How to make sense and impact in the complex world?-Shared devices-Energy aftermarkets in blockchain-Planet colonization-Is research relevant?-New ways of cooperation and teamwork-Origin of first microbe?-Dyson sphere-VR innovation playgrounds-Cycle of life-What to believe?-Brain-machine interface-Devaluation of facts, postfactual society-Platforms everywhere-Sense of security-Space elevator-Political systems in upheaval-Fusion powerplants-Green childhood means green wishes as an *****-Sense of belonging-Were cavemen bored?-Imaginary friends-The social media dopamine fix vs. reason and empathy.-Freedom of thinking-How life began?-"Universities make you work, not think"-Sharing economy  -Games for development-Who is in charge?-Can we transfer consciousness?-Rise of the Crowd-Schools and socialization-[insert a topic you know about!]-[insert another topic that interests you!]

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Some snacks and drinks (eg. beer) are available at the event.

BS Corner: from Big picture to action plan, Tribe Tampere (P47) tapahtuma

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