tiistai, 19. helmikuu 2019, Clarion Hotel Helsinki, An HR-Roadmap to Digitalization

alkaen 19. helmikuu 2019 - 8:30 asti 11:00

Clarion Hotel Helsinki

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An HR-Roadmap To Digitalization 
We want to invite you for attending our breakfast-session together with Sandra Skoglund Henriksson, the HR Shared Service Director for Nynas. You will be able to take part of her lessons and learnings from their HR-transformation as well we will also demostrate the HR-Cloud system. Please reserve your tickets now and have a nice breakfast with us at the Clarion Hotel Helsinki.
Schedule of the day:

Breakfast will be served.
08.15 Registration starts
08.30 Welcome
08.40 HR-Cloud Demo Session 
09.10 An HR-Roadmap to Digitalization with Nynas
10.00 Q&A
10.30 Networking

Some of the topics that will be discussed during the interview are:

What were the HR processes (business areas) that required the most cleaning up and preparations during the Cloud project? - was that the meaning of this question?

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What kind of preparations inside of HR, were needed and which of them were the most demanding in terms of time/effort?
What kind of (new) skills and competences were needed during the project? 
What are some of the most significant wins that HR has experienced after going live with the new Cloud system?

About Nynas: 
Nynas is a different kind of oil company.
Working together with our customers, we tap into the full potential of oil to help create valuable applications for end-users and society. Wherever you look, you will see products and services made – or made possible by – using Nynas’ naphthenic oils and bitumen.
We have made it our business to unlock oil’s potential and provide value to our customers around the world.

An HR-Roadmap to Digitalization , Clarion Hotel Helsinki tapahtuma

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