maanantai, 21. tammikuu 2019, Hellon's office, AI-Excursion by Ompeluseura LevelUP koodarit & Hellon

alkaen 21. tammikuu 2019 - 17:00 asti 20:00

Hellon's office

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Hellon and Ompeluseura LevelUp Koodarit proudly presents: AI-excu on Monday 21.1. 17:00-20:00!
Do you want to dive into deep learning, neural networks and computational graphs? Here is your chance to build a logistic regression model!
#deeplearning #neuralnetworks #computationalnetworks #logisticregressionmodel #python #numpy #ai #learningisfun #learningtogether #girlpower
Program of the evening:
-          Hellon in a nutshell
-          Introduction of Hellon’s Data Science Lead Niko Reunanen
-          How Hellon is using maching learning?
-          Theoretical aspects of Hellon’s machine learning model
-          Coding session: Programming Hellon’s model from scratch and testing it with data
NOTE! Before the workshop:
     1. Bring yourlaptop
     2. Make sure you have some kind of text editor on your laptop (for example: Sublime Text)

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     3. Please download Anaconda:
    4. Optional: You can learn a bit about NumPy:

This event will be held in English. Any women or people who identify themselves as women are welcome to participate. Coding experience is not required but would be useful to know some basics. If you have never coded, we can go the code through together and see how it works with the machine learning model we presented.
Additional info: You can use the training model that we build for classifying a set of new images as cats or dogs. It’s also possible to classify simple text variants such as spam and normal e-mail.
For inspiration, you can check some PyData videos:
Address: Hellon, Pursimiehenkatu 26C, 00150 Helsinki
See you soon!

Hellon &
FB Ompeluseura LevelUP Koodarit

P.S. Please cancel your ticket latest 2 days before the event, if you can't make it, to make room for others to take your place. Eventbrite will automatically create you an account and the ticket can be cancelled by using your email address in

AI-Excursion by Ompeluseura LevelUP koodarit & Hellon, Hellon's office tapahtuma

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