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asti 30. joulukuu 2018 - 17:00
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Curtis & Carola Urbankiz teacher training is coming to the Nordics.
This December, join us in Helsinki Finland and become a certified Urbankiz teacher!

Azembora is happy to announce level 1 teacher training for Urbankiz certification by none other than the international teachers: Curtis Seldon and Carola Tauler.

Curtis and Carola will give you access to their knowledge and teaching methodology, so that you, in turn, can transmit this knowledge to your students and future students.

This course is the first of three levels of certification. This is level 1 and it will run on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th of December 2018. You will have more than 12 hours with Curtis and Carola over the period of these two days. The preliminary schedule for Saturday and Sunday classes is to run from 10:00-13:00 and 14:00-17:00. Sign up now because spots are limited to 25 couples max.

International quests are warmly welcomed, we are building a program around the course so you can decide to come and spend New year's Eve in Helsinki. Curtis and Carola will be with us for a party on Saturday 29th and we will make sure you are entertained all the way to 1st of January 2019.

We have following requirements for attendees:
1. You already teach Kizomba/Urbankiz and would like to get certified for Urbankiz .
2. You have been dancing Kizomba/Urbankiz for at least 2 years and would like to deepen your knowledge and master your skills.

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You are allowed to register for this course on your own or as a couple. Azembora will manage the balance of the course to ensure we remain close to having even couples (you may be put onto waiting list). The price for the course is 300 EUR to be paid in advance. Please send email to or send us a private message to start a dialog on getting you registered.

Curtis Seldon is recognized as one of the three founders of the Urban Kiz style. The others being Enah and Moun. Urbankiz teacher training is available from all three. Azembora consciously picked Curtis and Carola as our certification partner because we consider their style as clean, clear and most importantly, teachable. We have had the privilege to work with them before and have found them to be super professional and very nice people to work with.

Urbankiz teacher training and certification by Curtis & Carola, Suomi tapahtuma

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