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Oh Yeaaaaas!!! FIKi'19!

Spread the love and invite all your local and international Kizomba friends to this event!


FIKi'19 - The 4th edition of the krayziest winter kizomba festival in the Nordics will now be 1 week earlier! We kick off on Thursday January 3rd with the pre-party and continue till January 7th with the Hang-over party! 5 Days of awesomeness, krayziness, dancing, hugs, laughing, meeting new people, and soooo much more!

So mark your calendars!

As always:
✔️ Renown International Artists
✔️ High Quality Workshops with Int/Adv Track & Imp/Int Track
✔️ Dope AfroHouse & Kuduro Workshops

Näytä lisää
✔️ Daytime Socials
✔️ Awesome Parties
✔️ ............

More details will be published throughout the year.

Check out some of the photos from the past events at FIKi Festival Facebook page:
Note that not all photos from FIKi'18 have even been published at the time of publishing this event but we can't hold back the excitement we have for FIKi'19!


Get your pass early to get the best rates! Pass prices go up at set dates.

- Discounted international rates, separate registration link.
- Get a discounted rate by buying a couple pass where possible!
- There are Limited Early Bird Passes
- Pass Holders get a discount for the Thursday's Warm-up Party.
- Pass Holders gets a discount for pre-party workshops.
- Party Passes are only sold the last month and at the door

Pass Options
Full Pass - Includes All Workshops, Socials & Parties Fri-Sun
Dance Pass - Includes All Socials & Parties Fri-Sun
Party Pass - Includes All Parties Fri-Sun

For those interested in the AfroHouse & Kuduro Passes, there's will be a separate event for that.

For those living in Finland wondering why there is a cheaper rate for International Attendees. The costs of organising an event in Finland are a lot higher compared to costs in most other countries while at the same time the market in Finland is a lot smaller. Our aim is to keep improving you and the general level of Kizomba in Finland by getting high quality teachers to this event while at the same time making Finland attractive for International Attendees by offering them an attractive rate. We thank you for your understanding and support!

Early Bird Registration opens January 20th!
Limited Early Bird Passes!


Get your pass early to get the best rates!
Early Bird Registration opens January 20th!
Limited Early Bird Passes!

Registration for attendees coming from Finland:

Registration for international attendees:

Payment options:
Online* – Debit / Credit / Smartum Cards (Card & Payment processing fees apply)
Door – Cash & Smartum / Virike vouchers (Door rates apply)

*If you bought your registration online and only receive a payment confirmation it confirms that your pass has been paid.


Spread the word & get ready for the krayziness! 😍

Copyrights: header image taken by Farantini Photography

FIKi'19 - Finland's International Kizomba Festival, Suomi tapahtuma

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The Shortcut - Javascript Club

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